Council Plans: Recycling Boxes Out, Communal Bins In

The future of recycling?

Following a trial in the Brunswick area, the Council is planning to replace kerbside recycling box collections with communal bins across a large swathe of Brighton and Hove.

Most of Prestonville will be outside the zone, but the streets south of Old Shoreham Road will lose their black boxes and get new communal bins in York Grove, Chatham Place, and Prestonville Road at the back of the shops.

Will this be better for people who live in these streets, and is it likely to increase recycling rates? Are these new bins likely to be rolled out into the rest of Prestonville in future?

Two of the scheme’s planners will be talking about it at the PCA’s next committee meeting. If you’d like to find out more about the moves, or talk about them, please come along to the meeting on Thursday 2 May at 7.30pm, in St Luke’s Church .

And please feel free to comment here.

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