Those noisy gulls at 5:30am

I have been woken early by gulls yet again, so I thought I’d see if I could send them away using sound. ¬†Gulls don’t have many predators but I remember seeing a TV wildlife documentary where Arctic Skuas ate gulls’ eggs and chicks.

I tried playing them a few recordings from the web, and now they’ve not come back but this is hardly a conclusive experiment. Is it worth getting out of bed and finding the recordings every day?

I found recordings on the RSPB site and on National Geographic.

Would anyone else like to try it and report back whether it works for them?

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2 Responses to Those noisy gulls at 5:30am

  1. JannetKing says:

    Great tip. We’ve also been played by the herring gulls holding all-night parties on our dormer roof. It sometimes sounds as though they are actually knocking on the window!
    Not sure whether we’ll be able to cope with the technology at 5.00 in the morning, though, but we might well give it a go!

  2. JannetKing says:

    Of course, meant to type ‘plagued’, but maybe ‘played’ works as well. They are certainly ‘playing on our nerves’…

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