Prestonville’s Lost Pub and other scenes

Old Shoreham Road, 1910: James Gray Collection / Regency Society

The arrival of the Ghost Train, a sculpture of an old Brighton-built loco, on the Greenway appears to have been delayed, so while we’re waiting for this image of bygone times, here’s a link to a wonderful online archive of historic local photos: the James Gray Collection, hosted by the Regency Society. There are many pictures of London Road and the New England corner of the Prestonville area, including this 1910 photo of one of the Old Shoreham Road houses just up from the railway bridge, and more recent pics of the Bridge Inn, which was demolished in 1971. When you turn right under the bridge onto Old Shoreham Road, you’re going through where the pub used to be.

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  1. petergolton says:

    Using Street View in Google Maps shows clearly where the pub and houses were demolished.

    These two links give a ‘then and now’ comparison of the junction just up from the bridge.

    1.Google maps

    2. James Gray Collection

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