Terence The Badger: Proof At Last!

Click for video - Quicktime format

Click here to see the first published footage of Terence the local badger, captured on video by Miles Radford:


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2 Responses to Terence The Badger: Proof At Last!

  1. Kay Stephan says:

    September 2009 we were chased by the badger – early evening. Since then we have seen him several times whilst driving past.

    Kay and Rick, Hamilton Road

  2. Anne says:

    Just wanted to confirm, as per the Prestonville Post, that there definitely was a badger this year. I watched him for ages on several evenings and he was really tame, coming to within about 5 feet of where I stood. When we got clued up enough to go out with the camcorder he disappeared and haven’t seen him since – around the time Autumnwatch was on.

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